Trash to Treasure! DIY Upcycle Project: Jewelry Display Holder Door

Jewelry Door Before-After 500x500

So who says trash can’t be beautiful! At least I think so anyway… :)

I have always been one to see the beauty and potential in things that others just don’t see. I may drive by a pile of trashed furniture on the side of the road… (a.k.a. “Curb Alerts” in upcycler terms lol) and see items that I could totally turn into something else or rescue and redo it. Bring it back to life, so to speak. Call me a trash picker… dumpster diver… junk gypsy… whatever you wish lol. I prefer the terms: Upcycler, DIY Junkie, Thrift Junkie or just plain old creative chic. Whatever you want to call it… That’s me and it’s in my veins! I just can’t help myself! It can actually be quite addicting once you get into it...

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